The story of how Harmonica came to be began in 2006 when three friends – Maggie Maleeva, Lubomir Nokov, and Methodi Methodiev – started working with the first two organic cow farms in Bulgaria. They had no desire to enter big business; they simply wanted to provide real food for their own families.

Harmonica started with one simple and traditional product – yogurt. This product ignited hope and enthusiasm. Soon, they realized that agriculture and food production lie at the core of the biggest ecological challenges humanity faces – destruction of biodiversity, climate change, pollution. They understood that many solutions were within their reach and that they were now part of a global effort to bring about positive change.

Today, their work revolves around finding solutions to these challenges in everything they do. They choose to work with integrity and partner with farmers and companies that share their mission. They develop their products in a way that positions them as the better alternative.