Native Teams

Native Teams is revolutionizing global work payments, payroll, and tax management solutions, empowering freelancers, remote workers, and their employers with comprehensive tools and benefits. Founded in 2020 after years of freelancing experience, Native Teams’ platform is born out of personal struggles and triumphs, ensuring a deep connection to its features and services.

With a mission to simplify the work payment and local employment experience for remote workers and employers, Native Teams aims to make these processes accessible to everyone, freeing users to focus on their work while handling administrative tasks seamlessly. Their vision is to build payment tools for the future of remote work, providing simplicity and ease of use for all users, while their promise is to set the next level of remote work standards, believing in its potential as the future of work. Trusted by over 80,000 users across 65 countries, Native Teams boasts a team of over 170 dedicated members committed to delivering exceptional service.