1st Endeavor Bulgaria Community Retreat Brings Together Nearly 40 Participants

The invitation-only Endeavor Bulgaria Community Retreat took place from Friday, June 15th to Sunday, June 17th in Yastrebets Hotel, Borovets where nearly 40 members of the network convened for the event to celebrate the power of high-impact entrepreneurship!

The Retreat emphasized on building meaningful and lasting relationships with fellow Endeavor Entrepreneurs and creating a platform for sharing strategies, ideas and best practice. The agenda of the retreat was a mix of engaging trainings and networking activities.

The Retreat kicked-off with a half-day training session on “The Art of Active Living”, led by Shaolin Monks, provided through the courtesy of PwC Academy. The Monks from the Shaolin Temple Europe shared their wisdom, developed since more than 15 centuries, focusing on the direct effect on the three treasures of Shaolin: Mind, Hear and Body. After an indoors practice, the Monks – Shi Heng Yi and Shi Heng Zuan – raised the spiritual awareness of the participants by leading a breathing exercise in the forest, showing how to reduce stress, ease anxiety, improve concentration and boost your mood.

In the afternoon, the program continued with hard-skills session in the HR Studio, led by Endeavor Mentor Georgi Georgiev. Gerogi has over 16 years of experience managing local and international companies, among which are Adecco Bulgaria, Xerox, Sciant (VMWare) & CableTel. He shared his knowledge with the entrepreneurs in a three-hour session on Working with People, Leading Teams and Establishing Organizations.

On the last day, Entrepreneurs gathered for a motivational morning at the Impact Talk with Vassil Terziev discussing Give-Back Mindset and Virtuous Spiral Culture. Vassil is not only part of the Board of Directors of Endeavor Bulgaria, but he is also one of the most active players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria, who is striving for sustainable growth of local startups and scaleups. During the talk, Vassil highlighted Endeavor’s mission to support entrepreneurs in thinking big and the importance of multiplying their impact.

You can check photos from the Retreat on our Facebook page here and video on our YouTube channel here.