Tiger Technology

Alexander Lefterov

Role: CTO

Industry: Technology

Alex Lefterov is a serial entrepreneur who attained his Masters in Computer Science from Sofia University in 1994.

After graduating, he wasted no time before co-founding a software development company, Atia. The company’s first product, a project collaboration software, was acquired in 2000 by Autodesk, a multinational software corporation publicly listed on the NASDAQ. Alex and his partners were briefly part of Autodesk’s engineering team before shifting their focus to building software solutions in the Media & Entertainment industry, seeing that their expertise could alleviate pains unique to clients with heavy volumes of rich media. From there, Alex (as CTO) and his team started Intelligent Gadgets, a California-based startup, developing a remote collaboration software. The product and most of the team were acquired in 2007 by CallWave, a US-listed company that later turned private as Fuzebox.

Tiger Technology enables building of hybrid storage workflows and focuses especially on ones involving mission critical on-premises components. Thanks to his unique technology, clients in many industries (surveillance, healthcare, media, etc) can continue using their traditional workflows while tapping into the benefits of cloud computing and services. The technological breakthroughs that the company achieved position them as partners of all the most relevant cloud infrastructure providers.