Dare To Scale Workshop: Vassil Terziev on Product-Market Fit

Dare to Scale’s first workshop on Product-Market Fit took place earlier this week and was led by Vassil Terziev, Board Chair of Endeavor Bulgaria, Partner at  Eleven Ventures  and Co-founder of  Telerik Academy. The 3-hour workshop marked the start of the group sessions for the 10 selected companies.

In the course of the session, Vassil Terziev walked the participants through each stage of his product-market fit framework and spoke about the crucial importance of defining a clear and targeted value proposition. Part of the event was dedicated to a Q&A session during which the entrepreneurs shared more about their current business challenges related to the international expansion of their ventures and the risks associated with maintaining diverse product portfolios.

Drawing from his vast entrepreneurial and investor experience, Vassil Terziev highlighted the importance of profiling the ideal customer, recommended the mapping of all stakeholders involved in the business activities of the company and advised against catering to the needs of all potential client segments.

Vassil also emphasized that the entrepreneurs need to be focused when defining their businesses’ direction and stressed the importance of being surrounded by the right team of professionals. He recommended two books related to the discussed topics – “Monetizing Innovation” by Madhavan Ramanujam and „Disciplined Entrepreneurship” by Bill Aulet.

The Dare to Scale Growth program continues with individual 1:1 mentorship sessions during which the founders discuss in depth their most pressing challenges. The next workshop is scheduled for Oct 1st on Go to Market Strategy and will be led by Svetozar Georgiev, Co-founder of Telerik Academy. Endeavor’s Growth Program is powered by Postbank and supported by Scalefocus and BSMEPA. Thanks to Campus X for hosting the first workshop.