Endeavor Bulgaria Seeks to Extend its Impact Outside The Capital with Dare to Scale: Varna

The team of Endeavor Bulgaria and the Endeavor Entrepreneur Pressian Karakostov (Founder of Titan Gate) brought the entrepreneurial community of Varna together on April 4th for Dare to Scale: Varna. This was the first of a series of events in attempt to boost the high-impact entrepreneurship in cities outside of Sofia.

With the kind partnership of Titan Gate, Dare to Scale: Varna was host to both local entrepreneurs and business leaders from the capital – such as the newly elected Endeavor Bulgaria Board Member – Kalin Radev(Founder and CEO of Software Group) and the Endeavor Bulgaria Mentor of the Year – Hristo Hristov (CEO ofNetInfo).

The highlight of the event was definitely the panel discussion on “Building an Active Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” in which Hristo Hristov and Pressian Karakostov joined Momchil Vassilev, Managing Director of Endeavor Bulgaria. The night was capped off with some networking drinks in which a number of collaborations and partnerships have formed.

As one can tell, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Varna is alive and kicking, despite needing a slight resources boost in terms of access to capital and talent.

Check out the photos from the event here and stay tuned for more details on the next event from the Dare to Scale Series!