Exploring Growth and Innovation: Endeavor Entrepreneurs at Harvard and Stanford

Last year, the annual Endeavor Executive Education programs at the prestigious institutions of Harvard Business School and Stanford University Graduate School of Business welcomed approximately 150 Endeavor entrepreneurs and top executives from around the world. Representing over 35 nationalities, these leaders gathered for a week of intensive learning and networking in both Boston and San Francisco.

These five-day programs combine content designed in partnership with Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and, for the first year, MIT.

For many of our Endeavor Entrepreneurs, this opportunity stands out as one of the most anticipated events of the year. Alexander Rangelov, CEO of IPS, attended the Stanford Innovation & Growth program, and is sharing his experience.


Q. Did the program surprise you in any way?

Yes! Along with the pre-announced sessions about design thinking, partnership strategies, entering new markets and leading innovation, there were a few sessions about psychology of sales, human physiology and its relation to the business processes and artificial intelligence. The “bonus” sessions were extremely useful and applicable in the business and real-world environment from day one.


Q. What was your experience like being surrounded by fellow Endeavor Entrepreneurs (EEs) during the program, and how did this environment contribute to your overall learning and growth?

Being surrounded by fellow EEs is just amplifying the positive impact and experience from the program. EEs who are leading various businesses in different sectors, but also the different analytical view due to the cultural differences just maximize the experience, broaden the conclusions and the multiple takeaways.


The annual Endeavor Executive Education programs serve as catalysts for growth, innovation, and collaboration among global entrepreneurs. With an emphasis on cutting-edge business practices, diverse perspectives, and peer-to-peer learning, these programs continue to empower Endeavor Entrepreneurs to drive impact and success in their ventures on a global scale.

In 2024 we are also offering access to Stanford and Harvard programs to Key Staff of Endeavor Companies! Give your most strategic teammates a unique opportunity to gain critical skills while networking with other top talents from Endeavor’s ecosystem.