1For Fit, Artvent, BESCO, Grabo.bg, Gospodari.com

Velizar Velichkov

Role: COO, Co-founder, Partner, Advisor, Board Member

Industry: Education and Talent, Healthcare / Healthtech, Media, All B2C

Velizar Velichkov, a Bulgarian entrepreneur born in 1987, began his journey in the digital realm at a young age, crafting websites and contributing to major online platforms. Armed with a degree in drama acting, he ventured into the business world, establishing his first company specializing in website development. His entrepreneurial acumen led to the co-founding of Grabo.bg in 2010, Bulgaria’s largest daily deal website, and Trendo.bg in 2013, an e-commerce platform for fashion, both achieving significant success. Subsequent ventures like 1ForFit and Artvent further showcased Velizar’s prowess, with the former becoming a global multi-brand developer and the latter promoting various events in Bulgaria.

Alongside his entrepreneurial pursuits, Velizar has strategically invested in companies such as FantasticStay, Excitel, and FindMeCure, among others. He also holds board positions at HR Capital, a Bulgarian tech investment firm, and BESCO, an organization fostering innovation and startup growth. Velizar’s diverse portfolio and leadership roles underscore his dedication to driving innovation and fostering entrepreneurship both locally and globally.