Svilen Rangelov

Role: Co-Founder and CEO

Industry: Smart city / Aerospace /Logistics

In 2014, Svilen co-founded Dronamics with his brother Konstantin, an aerospace engineer, with a mission to enable same day shipping to remote and underserved areas. A report by the World Bank highlighting that improving logistics has a greater effect on trade than tariff cuts and other similar policies, inspired Svilen to develop Dronamics as a solution that will change how the world moves goods.

Svilen and Konstantin are leading a fast growing team of world-class experts in aviation, logistics and engineering, and their pioneering work has won them numerous international awards and industry recognition. Svilen is an Economics graduate from Davidson College, USA; has been appointed European Innovation Council ambassador in March 2024, and is an Endeavor Entrepreneur alongside his brother Konstantin. Svilen is a frequent guest at tech, innovation and aerospace events and forums.