ICB, GigsRemote

Metodi Amov

Business Development Director

Expertise: Business Development, Partnerships, Marketing

Metodi Amov is Business Development Director at GigsRemote. A digital platform, founded in 2022, that connects freelnacers with companies and sets the foundation for mid-to-long term projects.

Before heading the sales of GigsRemote, Metodi has been the director of business development in ICB and prior to joining ICB, Metodi was a Marketing Director at ScaleFocus. He has been part of the company for the past 7 years. Metodi was focused on positioning ScaleFocus as a leading technology solutions company on the various markets. Metodi made sure both Sales and Marketing teams worked as one whole, to drive the business forward, reaching out to new clients, exploring new markets and geographies.

Metodi has experience in providing guidance to marketing departments by evaluating and developing marketing strategies, planning and coordinating marketing efforts, communicating the marketing plans to those involved, and building awareness.