Tania Aladjova

Business Operations, Platform Engineering, EMEA

Expertise: HR, Organizational Behavior

Tania Aladjova is part of the global company for sotware development and business consulting Accenture, which generated 64 billion dollars in revenue in 2023. In Accenture Tania is Product engineer and business operations expert for Europe. Before that Tania Aladjova has been a Talent Management Director at Xoomworks Bulgaria.

Tanya has 15 years of professional experience in Human Resources Management. She has commenced her professional path and keeps working in the IT industry, experiencing a number of organizational restructurings and the way those shape HR management. Tanya’s expertise lies in workforce transformations, management of change and culture realignment, organizational development and talent acquisition activities.

Tanya is a believer that a strong HR function requires a broad scope of general management knowledge, and should step beyond pure personnel management.

Tania holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management (HRM), gained at University Montesquieu Bordeaux IV, followed by an Advanced Level Certificate in HRM, granted by CIPD.