Kalin Radev Is the New Co-Chairman of Endeavor Bulgaria’s Board of Directors

Kalin Radev, Founder & CEO of Software Group

Endeavor Bulgaria is delighted to announce the appointment of Kalin Radev, Founder and CEO of Software Group, as а Co-Chairman of its Board of Directors. Kalin will officially join the current Co-Chairman Atanas Simenov, Founder & CEO of S Group.

Effective January 2020, Vassil Terziev, Partner at Eleven Ventures, steps down as a Co-Chairman of the Board and continues his role as an active board member and a mentor at Endeavor Bulgaria. This move follows the governance model of the organization which states for an annual rotation of the Co-Chairmanship.

Vassil Terziev played a crucial role in the development of the local chapter of the organization. During his Co-Chairmanship, the office successfully established a new governance model, which was recognized globally and was integrated by 25 local affiliates of the organization. Furthermore, the size of Endeavor Bulgaria’s portfolio grew exceptionally – the supported entrepreneurs generated € 150M+ of revenue in 2020 and were responsible for the creation of over 1,700 jobs. Additionally, Endeavor Bulgaria’s growth program – Dare to Scale, was awarded as the “Best Incubator/Accelerator Program’’ by the Central European Startup Awards (CESA) for two years in a row – both in 2019 and 2020.

Vassil Terziev: “I am very excited that Kalin will be stepping in as Co-Chairman of Endeavor. His passion for the organization, as well as his active engagement, will help us build upon the solid foundation that has been put in place and help solidify Endeavor’s role as one of the pillars of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria. I am confident that under the joint leadership of Kalin and Atanas Endeavor will be able to foster a vibrant community and further improve the organization’s capacity to help entrepreneurs make the most of their potential. Endeavor has set the example of how a well-governed, responsible organization should operate and I am looking forward to the impact of the new leadership in helping us achieve our Mission and elevating the brand of Endeavor Bulgaria in the global family.

Kalin Radev: “I am proud to be stepping in as a Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Endeavor Bulgaria. Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey full of challenges but providing tremendous rewards to those with an unshakable vision and courage to stay for the long run. Having access to a network of leaders who already walked this path is crucial for young entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential and achieve business scale. I am happy to contribute to Endeavor’s mission and work towards providing even more opportunities and greater support to the future business leaders of Bulgaria. ”

About Kalin Radev
Kalin Radev is an entrepreneur with 25+ years of professional experience in IT, 20 of which in financial inclusion, banking and microfinance. He has extensive international experience leading strategic projects in Europe, Africa, Asia, Pacific and Latin America.

Since joining Endeavor Bulgaria’s Board of Directors in 2019, Kalin has been supporting Endeavor in its rigorous selection process by leading interviews with candidate-entrepreneurs in local and international selection panels. Additionally, in 2020, Software Group supported Dare to Scale by becoming one of the main partners of the growth program. Kalin also served as a mentor and a workshop lecturer in Dare to Scale, both in 2019 and 2020. Kalin’s vast expertise combined with his dedication to mentoring entrepreneurs, secured him Endeavor’s Exceptional Commitment Award in 2019.

A huge thank you to Kalin for the time and energy he dedicates to support the organization. The entire team of Endeavor looks forward to working with Kalin to scale the organization’s impact further.