Meet the 2023 Dare to Scale Cohort – Price International

Let’s rewind the clock to the beginning. How did your company come to life? Was it a eureka moment, a late-night brainstorming session, or a happy accident?


The story of Price International is more like a late-night tech opera than anything else! Picture this: three telecom engineers, knee-deep in the world of call center technology and its wires, codes, and costly equipment. We dared to dream of a cloud solution that is better, more affordable, more accessible for the world of call centers. The year was 2014, the world was getting “cloudier,” and we were determined to make a mark.


What emerged was a sleek, cloud-based platform named Callflow Contact Center, designed for the enterprise titans, effortlessly managing their inbound and outbound calls. With features like automatic call distribution, predictive dialers, real-time monitoring, and an arsenal of over 50 other modules, it was our contribution to the telecom industry.


And that’s our origin story – not a single eureka moment but a string of late-night brainstorming sessions, tenacious work, and the daring to imagine a better solution. Just three engineers making waves in the telecom sea.



Tell us about the accomplishment that makes you do a happy dance or fist pump in the air. What is your proudest moment to date?


Honestly, every step in our journey makes us want to fist pump, but if we had to pick just one, it would be the launch of our newest platform, Omnilinx.


Omnilinx isn’t just another name on our product list. It’s our heart and soul poured into creating a “super-platform” for customer service and communication. Omnilinx stands as a powerful hub, integrating every channel – phone, chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber business messages, SMS, emails, and even internal chat. Like a skilled juggler keeping all balls in the air, it brings together these diverse communication mediums into a seamless, consistent, and unified customer experience. When we see a client benefiting from our platform, we can’t help but do a little victory dance!


Because, for us at Price International, it’s not just about creating cutting-edge technology. It’s about proving that there’s always room for a little magic, even in the world of telecom. It’s about making a difference – one call, one message, one customer experience at a time. And that’s what keeps us on our toes, ready for the next dance-off.


Dare to Scale is here to help with your entrepreneurial journey, but we’re curious about your wildest dreams and aspirations! Do you envision scaling your company to new galaxies, conquering untapped markets, or revolutionizing your industry? Share your boldest dreams and let your imagination soar!


Strap in and get ready for launch, because at Price International, we’re navigating a path to the stars! Our three-year strategy is laser-focused on three crucial elements: talent acquisition, market expansion, and product development.


Picture this: a team of seasoned consultants specializing in the Enterprise sector. Armed with expertise and strategy, they stand ready to address unique client needs. With their know-how, we aim to grow our footprint and nurture enduring partnerships with large organizations, here, there and everywhere.


And speaking of „everywhere“, our market presence is set to go intercontinental! We’re targeting growth opportunities in new frontiers like Europe, the US, and the Middle East.


What’s more? We never take our eyes off the innovation ball. We aim to keep Omnilinx on the cutting edge by continuously developing new features, ensuring we remain competitive and relevant in the market.