Meet the Team: David Ivanov

David joined the Endeavor Bulgaria team at the end of 2022 as a Entrepreneur Experience Junior Associate. A year and a half and one career step later he is taking charge of his own initiatives, traveling for work, and taking full advantage of what Endeavor has to offer.

He brings the mixture of his London education, American work experience, and unsuspecting humor to brighten the day of those around him, and give a helping hand when needed. David is a force, when he puts his mind to something he achieves it.

So, what keeps such a person motivated? Take a look below.


1. You’ve been part of our team for a while now! What’s your secret ingredient for staying committed and passionate about what we do here?

So far I have tried to employ a long-term approach to my work and that’s what has kept me on the money. While there is no secret ingredient, realizing and understanding that the results and impact of my work will often take time to materialize in the open has kept me focused and only reinforced my belief in what we do and why we do it.


2. Tell us about that one experience at Endeavor that was so awesome, you go back to it often.

There isn’t one specific experience. Every time we’ve been able to leverage our international network and resources to facilitate a founding round, address and resolve any company challenge has been a highlight.

If you need a specific example, most recently we were able to deliver on this premise in London. Bringing 5 companies from our portfolio & pipeline and meeting with new and old international investors, other Endeavor Entrepreneurs was the all-in-one physical embodiment of what we strive for. Golfing and laughing with Endeavor peers in Egypt, at our annual retreat, is also a fond Endeavor memory.


3. We often say that no two days are the same with us, but give us a sneak peek into your typical work week. Is there a certain routine you follow? Any moments you specifically look forward to during the week?

It’s a blessing in disguise that my typical work week is not overly rigid. As a team we have a few touchpoints during the week that ensure information is synced, but other than that, most days I work on a set of projects that can often intertwine, which makes things dynamic and stimulating. What brings structure to varied days is keeping our core mission and action plan close to heart.