Presenting Dare to Scale 2022 Cohort – Appolica

What problem does your business solve (how did you start, what was the initial motivation)?

Appolica is a software company that develops mobile applications and offers a full range of services to create mobile products and custom solutions for early-stage companies. Our team’s passion revolves around developing mobile apps and creating quality products, where the process and the way a project is delivered are entirely up to us. We still have the same passion for mobile technology, but over the years, we have noticed that we can add the most value to startups that need a partner to help them grow in product and technology.

Share with us the thing you are most proud of (what is the company’s most significant success up to date).

The aspect the team is most proud of is the internal product we are working on and, more specifically, the path we are taking to develop it. It represents a platform that helps companies bring their teams together and motivates them to be more active as a group through various sports and other initiatives. We, as founders, emphasize the significance of teamwork and synchronization between employees – that’s why we are convinced this is one of the key factors for successful product and company development. This is why we are focused on solving this problem and further developing the model.

What are your expectations from Endeavor, with your participation in the program (briefly share what would be helpful and what would you like to achieve with your participation)?

We want to increase the added value for Appolica and the people who work here by developing an innovative startup hub internally in the company. We aim to create an environment where every employee has the opportunity to work on their product and receive the support they would need to develop it. We believe this would create many new possibilities for growth and value creation – both individually for the company’s staff and the entire Bulgarian startup ecosystem and economy.