Presenting Dare to Scale 2022 Cohort – C4 Nexus

What problem does your business solve (how did you start, what was the initial motivation)?

We at C4 Nexus started the company with two founding ideas. The first one is to build an entirely Bulgarian company that provides e-commerce solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands and to be the A team when it comes to building complex technology solutions. The second one is to promote this technological field in Bulgaria and facilitate the creation of quality specialists possible while keeping up with the latest trends in working with young talents.

Share with us the thing you are most proud of (what is the company’s most significant success up to date).

On the business side, we are proud of our strategic partnership with a significant client in the United Arab Emirates who clearly understands the advantages of working with a small but highly skilled team versus having a traditional giant providing similar services as a partner.

In terms of our work with talent, we partnered with other companies in the field to deliver the first training academy on Salesforce’s e-commerce platform, which served as a first step toward promoting our work.

What are your expectations from Endeavor, with your participation in the program (briefly share what would be helpful and what would you like to achieve with your participation)?

We look forward to expanding our network and being mutually helpful to other members of Endeavor. Accordingly, we believe that we will receive invaluable advice on growing both in the direction of business opportunities and having another channel for promoting e-commerce technology.