The 65th International Selection Panel in Bali

Endeavor hosted its 65th International Selection Panel (ISP) in Bali, Indonesia on July 27th-29th, convening top international business leaders, industry experts and entrepreneurs on the Southeast Asian island. 28 entrepreneurs from 17 companies and 10 countries were selected into the network at the panel. Endeavor now supports 1,302 entrepreneurs from 821 companies across the 25 markets where it operates. This ISP also marked the selection of the first entrepreneurs for Endeavor Italy and Endeavor Japan.

MClimate, an IoT company which offers smart climate control solutions, and CloudCart, a company which provides a platform that enables vendors to build ecommerce shops and integrate it with multiple other platforms and service providers, were the Bulgarian candidate companies which participated in the event. Lyubomir Yanchev and Zanni Sabev from MClimate and Nikolay Iliev and Petar Iliev from CloudCart represented the companies.