Endeavor Bulgaria made its first major public appearance at the Tech Summit of the Webit Festival, in a panel discussion entitled “Introduction to Endeavor and lessons learned from leveraging global, local or no capital”. Vassil Terziev, CIO at Progress Software and Board Member at Endeavor Bulgaria, Dobroslav Dimitrov, CEO at Imperia Online and currently at the last stage of Endeavor’s selection process, and Lyubomir Yanchev, CEO at Melissa Climate and Endeavor Bulgaria Candidate Entrepreneur shared their insights about the virtues of raising local, global or no capital and the importance of organizations such as Endeavor to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Angel Kelchev, Managing Director at Endeavor Bulgaria facilitated the discussion.

Founders Games were the culmination of the second day of the Webit Festival. More than 1,400 local and international startups applied only 60 of which got the opportunity to pitch to a jury which consisted of two Endeavor Bulgaria Board Members – Ivo Evgeniev, founder of Rosslyn Capital and Vassil Terziev, CIO of Progress Software – and the Managing director of Endeavor Bulgaria, Angel Kelchev. AdGuard, a company offering software that blocks annoying adds, online tracking and protects computers form malware, won the competition and the €200,000 seed investment. Ivo Evgeniev, Vassil Terziev and another Endeavor Bulgaria Board Member Lyubomir Minchev, CEO of Telelink contributed €50,000 each to the investment pool.