2016 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Medellín Features Endeavor Research

During the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Medellín, Endeavor had the opportunity to showcase its unique research and model to the world’s leading policymakers, researchers, and practitioners.

Endeavor team members from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Uruguay, and the U.S. were present. Held from March 14th – 17th, the annual Congress convenes leaders in the entrepreneurship sector in one of the largest entrepreneurship-focused gatherings of the year.

The main planning event for the Global Entrepreneurship Network, an Endeavor partner, this year’s GEC was also co-hosted by the KauffmanFoundation,ANDIand theCity of Medellín. With more than 4,000 delegates from 160 countries, the four days highlighted themes ranging from scaling businesses to building urban ecosystems and featured an agenda of dozens of workshops and events. Taking the form of pitch competitions, keynotes speeches and panel discussions, these events brought a focus to all aspects of the entrepreneurship spectrum.

Endeavor Insight‘s ecosystem mapping research was featured throughout the Congress. Insight Director Rhett Morris participated in a Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN) event during the GEN Annual Meeting entitled “The GEN Planets and Global Verticals in 2016″ to address the latest research trends in the sector.

 Another GERN-organized session, moderated by Rhett Morris, focused on the various frameworks its members are using to map entrepreneurial ecosystems all around the world. These mapping efforts, pioneered by Endeavor Insight, were presented during a session entitled “What’s Next in Measuring and Mapping Ecosystems” and included the presentation of the Medellín Tech Sector report.

Endeavor has been an active supporter of the GEC since it launched in 2009, co-hosting the 2013 GEC in Rio de Janeiro which also featured numerous staff, mentors and entrepreneurs. To learn more about this year’s conference, including summaries of the events and video highlights, click here.