2nd Endeavor Community Retreat Convenes Nearly 50 Participants

The 2019 Endeavor Bulgaria Community Retreat, an exclusive Endeavor experience of, by and for high-impact entrepreneurs, took place from June 14 to June 16 , 2019, in Riu Pravets Resort.

The retreat brought together local Endeavor Entrepreneurs, Board members, mentors, network members and their families. The event was aimed to inspire and promote networking among entrepreneurs as well as to establish peer-to-peer connections. The three-day event featured inspiring keynote speakers, industry-orientated seminars and networking activities.


The event opened with a fireside chat with the Co-founder and CEO of Endeavor – Linda Rottenberg. Linda shared insights on Endeavor’s mission & vision and provided updates on the rules-based co-investment fund Endeavor Catalyst, which was set up to invest exclusively in Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs were able to exchange information about their business challenges and ask questions.

The program continued with a test drive of selected automobile brands, courtesy of Avto Union, followed by a networking dinner at the lake restaurant.


Day two brought entrepreneurs together for a Cyber Securing seminar, where executives from AMATAS revealed the biggest threats and trends in cyber security for 2019 and beyond. They addressed the challenges of personal data protection (GDPR) and cyber risk management. The event continued with an inspiring session with the movie director Stoyan Radev. Stoyan is one the most famous theatre and movie directors in Bulgaria with more than 20 years of experience. He led an engaging session, which culminated into a private spectacle, focusing on work-life balance and the successful motivation of teams.

 “Being in a room with some of the brightest Bulgarian entrepreneurs and hearing them discuss the future of the region, gave me confidence that through coordinated efforts we can achieve a lot in this part of the world. But the show was completely stolen by director Stoyan Radev, whose perspective on life held some of the best piece of professional and personal advice I have heard.” – said Angel Ivanov, Co-founder of Skapto and Endeavor Entrepreneur.

In addition, on day two, Endeavor Bulgaria Board of Directors held its quarterly meeting with a discussion on the best practices the organization could adopt in its governance model in order to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the its activities. The evening evolved with a dinner and drinks.


The retreat finished with an outdoors networking activity – a group golf session – allowing entrepreneurs to talk business while having fun.

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See photos from the 2nd Endeavor Community Retreat and stay tuned for a video from the event.