5 Minutes with Viktor Bilyanski

‘5 minutes with’ are new bi-weekly interview series, where high-impact Endeavor founders share their most valuable advice, motivations, and lessons learned throughout their journey. Part of the featured network members coming are Svilen Rangekov (Dronamics), Pressian Karakostov (TitanGate), and Nick Todorov (LimeChain). 


Our second interview is with Viktor Bilyanski, co-founder of the enterprise software & services company Scalefocus. Viktor is also a co-founder of CEO Angels Club as well as a board member of BASCOM, the industry association of leading Bulgarian software development companies.


1.    What’s your strategy for scaling?

My strategy for scaling consists of three components:

  • Hire the best experts and enable their growth
  • Aim for constant innovation of the services that you provide
  • Receive regular feedback from the customers on how you can improve


2. What makes a good company culture?

Good company culture is something we constantly aim to improve by integrating and encouraging authentic management, positive spirit, and big dreams.

3.    What does failure mean to you?

My perception of failure is that it’s a learning opportunity. It is an immutable part of the journey which gives you a chance to improve and get better.

4.    What’s your metric for success?

For me, success is a reflection of positive feedback from colleagues, peers, and relatives.

5.    Name your role model, favorite business book, or quote.

A true role model not only in Bulgaria but also in the region is Vassil Terziev – one of the co-founders of Telerik which was later on successfully acquired by Progress. Vassil is now an active angel investor, mentor to numerous startups, and partner at Eleven Ventures. Moreover, he is a role model not only business-wise, but also in many different directions.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Do what you love and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.”

About Scalefocus:

Scalefocus is a software development and digital services company that helps customers grow their business by leveraging the latest technology and top talent. It is one of the fastest-growing IT/Software companies in Europe. Its global client base includes Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups, industry leaders in information technology, e-commerce, insurance, healthcare, finance and energy & utilities.