Endeavor Bulgaria Celebrates 6 years of High-Impact Entrepreneurship

Endeavor Bulgaria’s 6th Birthday Party took place on June 28, gathering our Board MembersMentorsEntrepreneurs and friends from the community in the Sofia University Botanical Garden, located in the heart of the city. Endeavor is an organization of, by, and for entrepreneurs and everything we have achieved so far would not be possible without the support and contribution of our network. 

Reflecting on 6 years of high-impact entrepreneurship

Looking at the numbers, since its launch, Endeavor Bulgaria welcomed nearly 100 entrepreneurs from a total of 50 companies in three programs: Endeavor’s Core Program, the Regional Support Program and Dare to Scale Growth Program. These entrepreneurs have created over 1,700 jobs and generated over €164M + in revenue for 2020. Over the past years, their companies have had organic growth of 42% ($ 23M). Yet, the most important contributions of Endeavor Bulgaria, in areas like ecosystem building and promotion of give-back mindset, are not so easily measured. mindset, are not so easily measured.


  • We hosted  Endeavor’s 75th International Selection Panel, attracting investors and entrepreneurs from around the world.
  • We created the Dare to Scale Growth Program, which was awarded two consecutive years for the best accelerator program in the country in the CESA awards. This year, for the third year in a row, we have selected 10 companies that will take part.
  • We are happy that we had two successfully acquired companies in our portfolio: BGmenu from the Dutch Takeaway and Prospecto from the German Offerista Group.
  • We supported the funding of several companies in which we strongly believe: IPS, Tiger Technology, SoftGroup, RPA.

Endeavor Bulgaria’s mission to select, mentor and accelerate high-impact entrepreneurs represents such an essential path to economic development and job creation. We are supporting them with our great network of mentors and other services, such as access to capital, access to markets and talent. The search, selection and servicing of high-impact entrepreneurs are ongoing so our team is fully dedicated to help businesses grow, create positive change in the ecosystem and get more and more people involved in the give-back mindset.