Engineer, Scientist, Investor

Alexander Popov

Investor and Advisor

Expertise: Leadership, Product Strategy, Organizational Behavior

Alexander Popov has more than 20 years of experience in Software Engineering. He has been leading engineering teams in the US, UK and Bulgaria in 3 Unicorn and Decacorn companies since 2012.

Alex led the engineering division of Uber in Bulgaria, overseeing charters related to financial document generation and the analytics products supporting Business Intelligence. Under his leadership, the Tax & Compliance products managed by his teams generated data and processed over 8B financial documents, along with taxes and surcharges data for transactions exceeding 10B USD. His Finance Intelligence teams play a crucial role in fueling revenue prediction and cost analytics products within a pre-IPO environment. Before joining Uber, Alex accumulated nearly 8 years of experience in the travel industry. He led teams in the UK and subsequently co-founded and headed the engineering site of Skyscanner in Sofia, following a similar role with Kayak in Boston.

Currently, Alex is dedicated to projects in the fields of physics, biology, and space. He serves as an angel investor, actively collaborating with startups, venture capital firms, and NGOs, and acts as an advisor to numerous startups. Alex has received several times the award for most Endeavorized mentor.