Meet the Team: Ida Boeva

Ida joined us just before her birthday last year, which means we’ve now had the pleasure of celebrating her twice. She joined with passion, a huge craving for continuous learning, and a need to be of service. She found a home for her creativity within Endeavor and for the past year and a bit has been running our marketing, digital, content, media and PR as our Marketing and Content Associate.

She shared with us a little about her journey so far.

1. You’ve been part of our team for a while now! What’s your secret ingredient for staying committed and passionate about what we do here?

I had lived abroad for roughly 15 years, two continents, three countries, loads of moving and emotions. When I made the decision to come back to Bulgaria the one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to be a propellant for positive change. So, finding Endeavor and learning about the mission of supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem and being a driver for change, something connected.

This mission, the values of the organization, the dreaming big and giving back, this is what helps me stay motivated. And, of course, seeing the fruits of my labor. It feels great to know I’ve had a hand in Endeavorizing the general public.


2. Tell us about that one experience at Endeavor that was so awesome, you go back to it often.

I recently told my favorite #OneEndeavor story in a short interview with our Endeavor Global Senior Director of People, Nate, talking about why joining Endeavor was #therightbet for me. But I love talking about it, so let me tell it again.

Yearly we have a specialized MarCom retreat where colleagues from all our 40+ offices around the world gather in one location for a couple of days of networking, workshops, and a lot of fun socializing. This year our wonderful Endeavor Italy team hosted us in Milan, and I remember the first evening we were there, the night before our retreat began, entering a restaurant where all the “early birds” were gathered, talking and having fun, and looking around at all the people there, feeling a bit shy and awkward as I didn’t know anyone. Only three short days later, we were having our final dinner before everyone went home, and we were sitting in a restaurant, same people, but this time a feeling of joy and camaraderie came over me.

You have to experience it to fully understand how a group of virtual strangers can become close friends over a very short period. And now I have friends from Indonesia to Mexico – literally all throughout the world. To me, that’s the magic of Endeavor.


3. We often say that no two days are the same with us, but give us a sneak peek into your typical work week. Is there a certain routine you follow? Any moments you specifically look forward to during the week?

It’s true, no two days are the same. I’m satisfied with how fast paced and varied my day-to-day schedule is. I definitely have my moments I look forward to, though. We have our little two-person MarCom meeting on Wednesdays, with my wonderful colleague Mila, which are always fun and often take us on a cultural journey. Monthly we have our team drinks, where we gather and go visit a new spot for some outside of work bonding. I also quite enjoy the fact that we have one weekly meeting where everyone touches base, but throughout the week all my coworkers are available for a quick check-in when needed.

We work hybrid, so the days we are in the office I reserve for questions and collaboration time, the days I work from home I leave for tasks which I need to by hyper focused for.

I love the balance and the diversity. It’s never boring.