Pressian Karakostov

Role: Founder

Industry: Technology

Born and raised in Varna, Pressian Karakostov began his entrepreneurship career back in 2001 when he was only 23. He graduated from Florida Metropolitan University with a BSc degree in Computer Science as well as an MBA. Following his passion for technology, Pressian launched his first endeavor – PhoneArena, with the strong belief that mobile will revolutionize the future. That vision holds true to this day and is executed daily from the tight-knit team of 50 people who provide up to date and editorial content on the latest products and developments in the mobile technologies world, generating over 5 million views monthly.

In 2014, Pressian co-founded PubGalaxy – a monetization platform for independent website publishers. Over the space of just three years, the company has managed to build an extensive customer base worldwide and has been recognized as the Most Dynamic Tech company in Bulgaria for 2015. In 2021, PubGalaxy was acquired by the Dutch media and entertainment tech company, Azerion.