Raycho Raychev

Role: CEO

Industry: Space / Software

Raycho Raychev has pursued space with a singular vision. He completed a Masters in Space Adminstration at the International Space University, graduate coursework at the Singularity University, and a PhD at Sofia University. In 2010, he returned to Bulgaria, eager to launch his own space company. Recognizing the need to develop local talent in space-related fields, he launched Space Challenges Academy, the largest space education academy in Europe.

After years of hard work at Space Challenges Academy, which is now one of the largest space academies on the planet, Raycho gathered a critical mass of colleagues and Academy graduates together to launch his next project: EnduroSat. In 2014, the team developed a few basic prototypes and in 2015, EnduroSat was officially launched with a focus on CubeSats, a class of nanosatellites that weigh less than 3 pounds and is typically configured in a cube shape.

EnduroSat is well positioned to make a significant impact in the satellite industry, by transforming it into space data service, eliminating the entire complexity of the satellite supply chain and operations. The company has developed a unique software-defined NanoSats, capable of carrying multiple space sensors on every flight at a fraction of industry-cost and time. Now, EnduroSat is focused on scaling their universal space data service and a marketplace solution – a cloud service for downlink, safeguarding, distribution & commercialization of space data.