First Virtual EU Roadshow Event

In May 2021 all Endeavor EU Offices have gathered their forces to bring an exclusive, first-ever virtual EU Roadshow Event.

In line with Endeavor’s mission to support high-impact entrepreneurs and given the travel restrictions, we created this event to help founders of scale-ups overcome one of the most prominent challenges: access to capital. The event brought together top Entrepreneurs from 5 markets (Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria) and regional & international investors for highly curated 1:1 speed networking sessions.Within 2 days and 20 hours in total, 100 speed-dating sessions took place between 29 companies and 18 investment schemes. According to Endeavor’s estimates, the companies participating in the roadshow are expected to have received a total funding of 500€ millions by the end of 2021.


  • Endeavor Entrepreneurs and companies from the regional scale-up programs;
  • 15+ leading VC funds (from early-stage to growth). Among the participants were Eleven Ventures, LAUNCHub Ventures, BlackPeak Capital, Evolution Equity Partners and Urban Impact Ventures.

“In times where access to capital is challenging for any entrepreneur, bringing together virtually investors and companies of all sizes and industries, has numerous benefits. We tried to make it convenient for everyone and invite the top European funds to meet our promising entrepreneurs. I can say that the event represented the spirit of Endeavor – all participants were excited to join, eager to learn and support the others.”, Simona Nikolova said, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region is already seeing a positive influence from the efforts of the organization supporting high-impact entrepreneurs in developing economies. Taking this into consideration, we plan to organize a lot more roadshows in the near future, aiming to include all the global funds that have presence in Europe so stay tuned!